Branding Sessions

Branding Sessions // Amy Rae Photography


No matter what you might think, your brand defines what your clients think and feel about you and your business. What impression are you making when your clients first comes in contact with you?

Strong imagery on your website and social media builds trust and loyalty in your clients. By enhancing your visual presence you will provide your clients with a sense of confidence and clear expectation of what you can offer them. My approach to a branding session is to create an authentic story that you can share with your clients.

I am now offering visual branding and content creation for businesses. I am eager for you to have beautiful imagery that tells your story consistently across social media, your website, and in the other many ways your clients come in contact with you.

Sharing consistent content that is authentic to your brand will allow you to attract your ideal client and grow your business. I’m excited to help you create unique imagery to do just that! Branding sessions start at just $300! Contact me for more information.