Welcome to the Click Class Course! I’m so excited to get started with you!

I will be covering information to help you feel more comfortable with your camera in challenging situations and get you excited about documenting with photos of your everyday life.

This class is for you if:

You are confused about camera settings and want to get out of auto mode.
You want to learn how to use natural light to get great shots straight out of your camera.
You have a desire to capture your subjects in creative ways.
You want to incorporate flash when natural light is lacking.

What will we cover?:

Getting the right exposure
Shooting with natural light
Candid Moments
Using Flash

What you need:

Digital SLR camera with the ability to shoot manual
Lens (recommend 50mm 1.8 Canon or Nikon)
The manual for your camera
Computer with internet accessanual for your camera
Computer with internet access

If you are ready, get registered then enroll in the course!

This class will not include lessons on building a photography business or photographing in a studio.