Heirloom Books


“A valuable object that has belonged to a family for several generations.”

I believe your wedding images should tell a story. They should leave a legacy about your love. The heirloom books that I offer will be passed down through generations and will share the most important day of your lives as a beautiful piece of art.

Each book is carefully custom designed and handcrafted for each client.  By choosing specific images for each spread I allow the day to unfold telling your story about your wedding day from the beginning to the end.  Working along side professional book binders and printers, your book will be handcrafted to perfection and will stand the test of time.

Once you see and touch one of these books you will understand how valuable they are. I would be happy to share with you many of the books I offer at our next meeting. Until then please feel free to view the fine art products page for more detailed information.