I am now offering one on one sessions to help you get your business to the level you want. These sessions are for photographers or business owners that have questions about getting familiar with your camera, starting in business, reaching your biggest goals, photographing subjects, and editing photos. I offer both a business coaching session and a photography teaching session. Here is information below about the topics that can be covered in each session. I include the Workflow Board and Yearly Revenue Workbook free for everyone who signs up for either session!!

Business Coaching and Inspiration | $250

    We will reveal what inspires and defines you to help create your authentic brand. We will discuss the importance of relationships with your clients and within your market in order to build your business and be recognized. We will discuss taxes and insurance responsibilities. Finally we will create goals along with action plans to set yourself up for success.

Photography, Editing, and Sales | $250

    We will do a photoshoot of your choice (couple, family, child) followed by a complete editing workflow. We will create solid pricing for your target market based on your financial goals and discuss sales strategy. We will look over product options for your clients along with packaging options. Finally I will review your current portfolio and provide critique.

Business Coaching and Photography together LUNCH and HEADSHOTS! | $500

    Combine both sessions together for a full day with me!

Hourly Skype Rate | $75

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This is an excel-based workbook that will help you keep track of your monthly revenue and input your accounting data. Instructions on how to use the file are included but I suggest having basic knowledge of excel and functions. If you would like to download the excel file click on the ‘add to cart’ link below.


workflow board, flowboardworkflow board, flowboard

I have designed a workflow board to help keep your client and editing tasks organized. Simply follow the directions in the file to customize the board to fit your branding and workflow tasks. Then you can print the file as a dry-erase board or as a regular print to put in a frame. I used a frame with glass as my dry-erase surface. It is mounted on my wall next to my desk where I can see at a quick glance what tasks need to be done. If you would like to download the customizable .psd file click on the ‘add to cart’ link below.